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Forum FAQs

"Why are there so many different types of forums?"
There are three forum types: public, protected, and private:
  • Public Forum: Public forum is where everyone can participate without registration. Everyone is allowed to read and post new threads.
  • Protected Forum: Protected forum is read-only for non-registered members. That is, if you want to post your own messages, you must first register.
  • Private Forum: Private forum is only accessible by registered members with one of the following user group: admin, moderator, and member. In order to access the forums, however, the moderator of each forum must grant access on user to user basis.
Additionally, each forum can be either open or moderated (See FAQ #6).
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  6. Why are there so many different types of forums?
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  18. What are those little icons next to the usernames in the messages?
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